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Careers Exploration For my career exploration class, I completed several surveys. For instance: a rating interests worksheet, rating aptitudes worksheet and many more to help me find my areas of strength. I will need to know details about myself to select a career. My highest scores on the interests worksheet were science and technology, personal and public services, health services, arts and communication, mechanical and production. All these interests relate to me in different ways. I understand the science of things and how technology makes life better today as apposed to the past when the technology was not as advanced as it is now also I understand the mechanics of things and I can figure out how things work with little or no difficulty.…show more content…
I like to learn about plants and how each plant is different from the next, also how plants can be used as medication to cure or soothe symptoms of an illness. I like art and am very good at it as I had stated previously. My top three skills were social perceptiveness, systems analysis and installation. This means that I am good at putting things together and analyzing a situation and figuring out the problem. My two career choices I made were glass blower and pharmacist. I like blown glass and the creativity that is put into a single piece. If I were to become a pharmacist I would be able to help people who are sick and need medication. Two other test I took were the career quiz and the career clusters. The career quiz helped me to see which areas I am good at and what my strengths are. The results of this quiz showed me that I am mostly artistic and realistic, they are complete opposites that will keep me balanced in making decisions. The career clusters results were transportation, distribution and logistics. Based on the research I have done on myself I have found that I am creative and like to be recognized. Also that I have motivation to do things that will get me

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