Unit 8: War, Conflict and Terrorism in the Public Services

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P1: Write a report to describe the causes of war & conflict. What is war? War is a conflict between different individual countries or a conflict involving one country with enemies from different regions of the same country. War must be declared before an attack has occurred; if the countries do not contribute to the meaning of declaration then other countries may join forces against that country. What is conflict? Conflict is different from war, conflict is two individuals that have a disagreement and confront each other in the process face to face. Main causes of war and conflict. There are several factors which cause war and conflict. A number of these factors are; Religion, Ideology, Politics, Nationalism, Resources, Territory, Historical rivalry and Ethnic Conflict. * Religion Religion are often an excellent source of stability and cohesion in society, by providing ethical and moral guidelines on appropriate ways in which to influence people’s daily activities. Though, conflicts between completely different or competitory religions will produce emotion and mistrust between them and might cause political instability. A primary example of this can be the conflict within Northern Ireland between Catholics and Protestants. * Ideology Ideology is a system of concepts regarding how things ought to be organised. Teams of individuals could have competitive thoughts and ideations, this will cause conflict. An example of this can be the cold war, in which the USA and also the Soviet Union had competitive political and economic ideologies after the world war ll. * Politics This issue is split into two areas, International Politics and Internal Politics. International politics is engulfed with potential sources of war and conflict, like border disputes and disputes over territory, as shown within the current conflicts in India, Pakistan
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