American Involvement Themes

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A Shared Crisis The Middle East continues to be a location largely affected by continuous violence, political unrest; as well as, the uncertainty in the quality of life for residents of these areas. Although each situation is unique in its own right; there are similar themes that connect these crises to one another in ways many may not realize. The Middle Eastern crises share numerous similarities; however, three of the blatant unifying themes are Religion, Political Disorganization, and American Involvement. Religion The most obvious theme throughout historic confrontations has been the feeling of pride that residents of these areas have for their own designated Religion. In fact, one could argue that without differences in religious culture throughout the…show more content…
For better or worse, The United States has focused its obligations to involving itself with this region of the world. More specifically, the political aspect of these countries in turmoil has been a huge focus of American leaders and foreign policy. Although the extent of involvement is specific to each situation; American involvement has been a major theme of the crises within the Middle East have been linked to involvement with America. One of the ways that countries can be involved in any situation is being in direct conflict with a certain country. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are obvious examples of an American Involvement theme among the Middle Eastern crises. The terrorist attacks of September 11th prompted the United States to begin its war on terror; more specifically, the nations that were housing the terrorists responsible for the attacks. Al-Queda took direct responsibility for the attacks of that September day. This prompted Operation Enduring Freedom that was a worldwide manhunt for Osama Bin Laden and other terrorist organizations similar to
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