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Maria Rivero de Vargas English 1A THINKING POINTS BY GEORGE LAKOFF I think George Lakoff sets the tone well in the books preface when he says: “America today is in danger. It faces the threat of domination by a radical, authoritarian right wing that refers to itself as ‘conservative,’ as if it were preserving and promoting American values. In fact, it has been trampling on them’ Thinking Points is a book for progressives to use as a resource against this radical regime.: 1. What does a political candidate need to do to win voter confidence? 2. What are the traps that cause political candidates to lose credibility among the population? The answer to the first question is that voters must identify with the candidate. Four things come together for this to happen. These things are values, connection, authenticity, and trust. The candidate must talk about values when discussing issues to consciously articulate the concerns that lead to political positions. For example Obama is able to communicate values effectively to connect with people so he appears authentic and people seem to believe what he says. A candidate who talks about values and connects…show more content…
The surface frames in this phrase are the mental structures normally associated with the words ‘war’ and ‘terror’. We know that a war is a series of battles between two armies, that our side is assumed to be good, and that the battles are necessary to win some kind of moral crusade. The frame associated with the word ‘terro’r is that it is an extreme form of fear, it is experienced by a person who feels threatened, and that it is an emotion.When we put these words together we get the metaphor “Terror is our enemy.” This happens because we wage war on an enemy who threatens us in a way that mandates military action. The phrase ‘War on X” tells us that X is our enemy that we must

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