Unit 4 Btec Health and Social Care Level 2

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A hazard is something that can cause people harm, hazards can be found in every environment especially at work. It is important that care workers know which hazards to look out for to help stop accidents. Unsafe equipment; Equipment that is unsafe can cause a lot of injuries from little cuts and bruises to a major incident such as death. For the reason workers have rules given by The Health and Safety Executive. These rules are; • Suitable for what they are going to be used for. • Has to be safe and be inspected regularly. • Used only by people that have been train to use it. • Has to have safety rules on the equipment. When equipment is unsafe or broken it should always be reported. Here are some examples of equipment that must be checked when in a care setting; • Hoists- they should be checked for; belt fastenings, oil leaks, cables and slings. • Slides in a play group- they should be checked for; stability, sharp edges, rust, slide surface in case it is wet or dirty, to see if the slide has been put up properly and that it is not hard concrete underneath. • Wheelchairs- they should be checked for; tyres in case there is a leakage, brakes in case there is a fault and fabric in case it is torn. • Beds- they should be checked for; to see if the wheels are ok, to see if the brakes work, the steering bar, mattresses for dirt or damage and to see if the elevation works. • Fire extinguisher- they should be checked for; expiry date, weight and leaks. Hazardous substances; Hazardous substances can cause; • Skin irritation • Asthma • Loss in consciousness • Cancer • Infection Hazardous substances include; • Substances used in work (cleaning agents) • Substances made at work ( fumes from sterilizing) • Natural substances (dust)

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