Forklift Truck Safety

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The main goal of a worker should be to keep a safe work environment. There are many hazards in any work field. Construction is one of the most dangerous fields of work someone could get into. Following proper OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations and working safely on and around ladders and scaffolding can reduce the amount of injuries and accidents on jobsites. OSHA is the organization that defends the workers right to work in a safe environment and investigate if an injury or death occurs in the work place. In turn there is many rules and regulations a worker covered by OSHA must adhere by or fines and consequences will have to be put on the worker or supervision in which broke the rule or regulation. Also if a worker has a concern or complaint about the conditions or his or her work place they have the right to file a U.S Department of Labor Notice of Alleged Safety or Health Hazards complaint and they have the right to accompany the inspector on the inspection tour of the work place for hazards in the complaint. They also have the right to not have their name in the complaint and they cannot be mistreated for filing a complaint. Safe behavior workers should follow on and around ladders is don’t stand above the ladder rail, or sit/stand in the top/ pail shelf, always keep 3 feet of the ladder above the excavation/ roof, and always use three points of contact while claiming or dismounting the ladder. Safety rules and behaviors workers should use while on or around scaffolding is make sure rolling wheels are locked, there is a toe board in place, and if you are 10 feet or above you must wear a safety harness. And a qualified person has to check is the scaffold meets OSHA standards. In conclusion construction is one of the most dangerous jobs because there is many hazards. But if someone was to

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