Engineering Btec Level 3 Unit1 P1

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Assignment 1 P1 A training Workshop Issue 1 – Lifting heavy object People around the world have to at some point carry something manually but sometimes the object is too heavy and causes back strain or the object could even be dropped on the person carrying it. These things happen because the object carried is too heavy for them or the person trips whilst holding it and falls over because of an untidy work place. Manual lifting in commercial and industrial premises must satisfy legislation, such as the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 to reduce the risk of injuries to them in a work place. Issue 2 – Using the correct PPE Eye sight can be lost or damaged when not wearing the correct PPE in the work place. Wearing the correct PPE keeps you safe, for example safety glasses keep you safe from objects flying off moving machine parts. Some people do not wear safety glasses and get hit in the eye with shards of metal and sometimes lose the sight. To prevent injuries involving wearing the correct PPE people must follow regulations such as Personal Protective Equipment at work regulations 1992 to keep you safe. Issue 3 – Noise in a workplace People in a training workshop are subject to a lot of noise. This noise can damage someone’s ear, for example someone who is working on a machine which produces a lot of noise can damage there ears if not wearing the correct ear protection. To prevent this, workers and employers must follow Control of noise at work Regulations 2005 to ensure the safety of themselves and the workers whilst working with high level noises by supplying them with ear protection Issue 4 –Control of hazardous substances Handling hazardous substances is a very dangerous job to do. Some people can lose there eye sight or burn there face by tripping and spilling the substance and it going on there face. You could prevent
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