Health and Safety in Health and Social Care

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Health and safety in Health and Social care workplace Table of Contents Introduction: 2 Q1: 2 Q2. 3 Q3: 5 Q4: 6 Q5: 7 Q6: 8 Q7: 8 Conclusion: 10 References: 11 Introduction: HSC workplace is very sensitive place as sick, ill and vulnerable people admit there. HSC workplace must have healthy and safety environment otherwise it will be very much risky for service users. Employers and care professionals must aware of health and safety issues in HSC workplace. This assignment will focus health and safety issues in HSC workplace. Q1: Health and social care settings must ensure health and safety for their service users and employees. Employees are the key movers of an organization and if they are not in good condition, the operation of the organization will be worst. This is so true for health and social care settings. If employees are safe and healthy they can provide good service to service users. Every health and social care setting has its own policies, legislation, regulation and code of practice. All the employees are bound to follow those policies and they run their all kinds of work according to the code of practice. Employers will arrange proper training and supply sufficient information to employees to get the optimum outcomes. Management ensures all employees are following organizational regulations and all kinds of operations are conducting in prescribed way. They make sure health and safety for the employees and clients. Employers will employ effective, energetic and experienced people as managers. They can employ specialists as well. Health and safety is very concerning issue in health and social care setting. Organization will identify various risks, factors that are responsible for these risks and suitable actions against these risks. Management will give training regarding this issue to employees. If any employee finds out

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