Hazard in a Care Home Essay

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Hazard in a Care Home Physical hazards • Wet floor, carpeting, unclean surfaces, loose materials, untidiness, unmarked object, uneven surface, slippery surfaces, ladder and stairs. These sources of hazards may be a cause of: slip, trip, falls or stumble and the possible effect of hazards can be: limp factures, sprains, bruises. To prevent these hazards: staff have to be trained about fall protection, the liquid what has been spilled must be clean up as soon as possible, everyone should wear appropriate footwear (flat with non-slip soles shoes), walk slowly on the wet surface with greater attention, use handrails, hazards sing markings and ensure proper lighting, never use a ladder to replace unsuitable items such as chairs, boxes or barrels, use non-slip mats. • Out of place objects and damaged furniture in offices and other rooms may cause: stumbles, catching a part of the body, and have effects such as: wounds, bumps, bruises and deep gashes these hazards could also do more serious injures or even death. To prevent these hazards: damaged protruding elements must be labeled with a hazard sing or marking to make sure that people are cautious when moving nearby the hazardous object. • Needles, scalpels, scissors. Needle pricks be caused by non typical behavior of the patient, these are hazards which can cause: contact with sharp tools what could be hazards: needle stick or injury. To prevent these hazards: Staffs have to have greater attention and use personal protection (PPE). • Overflowing bins, when bins are not regularly emptied and disposed this hazard can cause: embed around rubbish overflowing: flies, rodents, insects that spread germs and serious disease what may be a cause of many diseases such as: salmonella: typhoid, tetanus and dysentery. If bins are not emptied for a few days
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