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PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT: POLICY AND PROCEDURAL ISSUES 2 EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT/DISENGAGEMENT INTRODUCTION Employers want employees who will do their best at work or ‘go that extra mile’. Employees want jobs that are worthwhile and that inspire them. More and more organisations are looking for a win-win situation that meets their needs and those of their employees. What they increasingly say they are looking for is an engaged workforce. Employers want engaged employees because they deliver improved business performance. The aim of this report is to consider the approach that Nazareth Care has in this one area of Personnel Management, this being staff engagement and how we as an organisation can retain our good staff and keep them engaged…show more content…
| Staff can bring issues and problems they may be experiencing to the manager, building up a trustworthy relationship. | Appraisal system | Staff receive an informal appraisal every year. This will include positive and constructive feedback and identify gaps/areas for development and training needs. | Staff will be given an opportunity to discuss their training needs and professional development so that they will feel valued both as an individual and as a member of the team. | Staff meetings | There will be staff meetings in all areas. An agenda will be prepared and minutes recorded. The minutes will be available to all staff. | Staff will be kept up to date with changes and will be able to air their views and contribute to the running of their place of work | Beeston et al (1998) Although the organisation encourages and expects managers to use tools such as the above, it is my opinion that this is not being carried out professionally across the organisation. Many managers themselves have not received any of the above from their direct manager such as the CEO or the named Regional Managers. Sometimes the General and Deputy Managers are themselves not feeling valued or supported in their role. Communication from the top is a problem and creates many problems within the organisation. If performance management does not take place then there will most definitely be a lack of communication,…show more content…
Therefore, Nazareth Care should create and use actionable surveys, whereby the results indicate not just levels of engagement, but also where the problem areas lie and what, in an employee’s opinion should be done to eliminate the barriers to engagement. As already discussed in the report it is in my opinion the lack of good communication that is a major barrier to employee engagement within Nazareth Care. All levels of management need to work with and respect each individual employee regardless of their job role. The organisation needs everyone to play their part in order to create a safe and happy environment to care for our elderly

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