Unit 3 Childcare E3

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Safeguarding is a concept which is used to protect children in public care from harm. This concept covers all agencies and services when working with young people and families. Each individual that comes into contact with children and families in a working role have a duty to promote the welfare of children and also protect them from harm. All agencies must ensure that any potential harm to any child’s welfare is kept to a minimum. If a concern is identified, caregivers must take all appropriate action to address these concerns whilst working to set policies and procedures. Following correct procedures whilst in any childcare setting is essential as this will help to safeguard children. This includes protection from many forms of abuse, infections and illnesses. Infection control safety is a legal requirement under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. Infection control involves carrying out risk assessments and putting measures in place to control any risks identified (Health Protection Scotland 2011). Policies for arrivals and departures would be that parents and carers must specify a time which they will arrive and leave the setting and try to stick to this time, if they may be late or early, the setting must be notified. ALso, if the child is leaving the setting with another person that is not their usual parent or carer, permission has to be given from both people before the child is allowed to leave. This is so that a child is not put in danger of being left with a stranger. The setting must have a secure way to enter the building so no unauthorized people cannot enter. Other important aspects are included in a health and safety policy. This ensures that all equipment is safe to be used by any individual in the setting. This is done by considering the age range of the children before getting new toys or furniture etc. This allows the setting to reduce the
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