Unit 3 Assignment 1 Using Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Business Law 100 Assignment 1 Good Grocers, Inc. Situation 1 Using Alternative Dispute Resolution to reach an agreeable settlement in this of case is the best choice for both parties. Premise liability occurs when injury is suffered on property belonging to another person or business. Whether it is the conditions of the land, or activities performed, issues often arise in determining fault. When personal injury occurs it is often the first response to assign causality for the accident, but it can be difficult to prove whether the fault is on the injured party or the owner of the property where the injury occurred – often times there is no clear answer. While the repercussions of slip and fall accidents can vary from minor scrapes and bruises to serious injuries, the accidents often leave the victim in physical and/or emotional pain. If you are the victim of a slip and fall, or if you are the owner or…show more content…
In this case it can be heard, and it can be resolved quickly and fairly, with an outcome agreeable to all parties. There several phase to the Alternative dispute resolutions process. The following is the keys in the process: Negotiations The first phase of the ADR process is bilateral, interest-based negotiation. The negotiation phase involves collaboration between the respondent and an ADR Specialist. Negotiations are often conducted on the phone with the ADR Specialist. Interest-based negotiation offers several advantages: * The opportunity for both the respondent and the ADR Specialist to clarify the disputed issues; * The chance to fashion a settlement that is focused on correcting the activities that provoked the complaint or referral; * The opportunity to shape terms of settlement that are mutually agreeable to the respondent and the company; and the possibility for a speedy resolution of the complaint or
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