“Stemming the Tide of Trauma Systemically

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In the article “Stemming the Tide of Trauma Systemically: The Role of Family Therapy” by Charles R. Figley, and Kathleen Regan Figley we learn about how trauma effects people. In this article Trauma is defined as an experience sudden and could be potentially deadly. Depending on how bad the trauma is it could leave lasting and troubling memories for a person. For some trauma events people can become very dangerous towards others like close family or friends. Some use the principles of family therapy to help treat the primary and the secondary traumatic reactions to help the person who is going through this traumatic event. In the world today it is hard to avoid exposures to some traumatic events. Examples of this would be natural disasters, violence, abuse, and some accidents. Granted not all trauma experiences are all negative. Some people do gain valuable lesions from the events that had occurred in their life. Such events like Hurricane Katrina, 9/11, and the tsunami in Indian have brought people together. There spirits to help others in the time of need has really shown through during these traumatic times. Some traumatic events for veterans are horrible experiences for them. They might have flash backs from when they are in war and just go mental; to them it is happening all over again. Females that come from abuses homes go into the military to get away, but they feel that when they are sexually harassed no one will help them. For some females these treatments will not work. Veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) will go to a clinical to seek help, but a clinical will only skim the top of their issue and will not go deeper to find the real problem. This is not good because they send the veteran back out into the world and they could still have PTSD. PTSD is sometimes challenging to asses, treat, but some people will spontaneously recover over

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