Cja 354 Week 5 Individual Assignment Victims and Crime Evaluation

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Victims and Crime Evaluation University of Phoenix Criminal Law CJA 354 Victims and Crime Evaluation Before understanding the concept of a victim, who is a victim? A victim can fall into one of two categories; one a person who has suffered harm because of a criminal act and subjected to harm in suffering physical injury, emotional trauma, financial loss and or disruptlives Secondly, a victim could be family members of a person killed or injured because of a crime may also be victims. It is common for people who witnessed a crime to suffer emotional trauma. According to Vocal (ACT) “These people are victims even though they may not have been physically harmed. This could in some instances include family members or close friends of the person who committed the crime.” (2006, p.1) The impact of such crimes is long lasting in particularly for violent crimes. The victims of violent crimes, if the survive at all; suffer from both physical and psychological scars. These scars can often result in tremendous loss both in their personal lives and or their work lives. When a victim has suffered from a horrific crime, the courts have occasionally considered victim's compensation as a means of at least to a degree making up for individual’s losses. Smith (2006) defines victim compensation as a “form of income redistribution designed to redistribute wealth from offenders to victims of crime” (307). The key distinction in this form of victim compensation is that these individuals are being compensated for the impacts of criminal acts that were deliberately perpetrated against them by someone who was subsequently tried and convicted for those acts. Often there is a time window within which a victim is required to file for compensation (Siegel, 2005). Often, extensions can be granted if there are justifications for filing late. In

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