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Running Head: Week 3 You Decide Introduction to Law Week 3 You Decide Prepared by Delois Yates DeVry University Decatur, Georgia Professor Crowder Week 3 You Decide 2 You Decide Susie Marks Factual Summary Three people were in a park area that was enforced by a curfew closing time. These three people were a female, named Susie Marks and a couple named Jerry and Kate. Jerry was an inexperienced minor driver with a small pickup truck that had a covered back bed. As the curfew time arrived, a police officer ordered the three to leave the park immediately. Susan explained that they would as soon as her ride arrived. Orson was to pick her up at 11:00pm, curfew time. The Police Officer, named Officer Ruthless, insisted that she leave with the couple whom Jerry was the driver. Susan was also told, by the officer Ruthless, to get in the…show more content…
The negligence was certainly made by the driver , but in what capacity. Proximate: This form of negligence requires foreseeability of what happened Causation: The basis upon which a lawsuit may be brought to the court Negligence: would be carelessness except the following did occur: The tortfeasor was under a duty to use due care. The tortfeasor breached that duty of due care. The tortfeasor’s act was the actual cause of injuries or damages. The tortfeasor’s act was the proximate cause of injuries or damages. Damages were incurred. (Textbook p.150) ANALYSIS The fact remain that there was an accident, an injury occurred from the accident and negligence was evident. Officer Ruthless was negligent but was justified in the decision. He had to uphold the curfew law. However, he did not exercise a duty of care in regards to the safety issue of riding in the back-bed of a truck. Week 3 You Decide Susie was contributory negligent by not assuring a ride before curfew. She also has an

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