Understand How to Reflect of Feedback on Practice in Adult Social Care

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Principles of personal development in adult socialcare settings 1 Understand how to reflect on practice in adult social care 1.1 Explain what reflective practice is. Reflective practice is a method by which you stop and think about your own practice and knowingly analyse how you made your decision and draw on theories and relate it to what you do in practice. Being given analysis and evaluation will cause you refocuse your thinking on what you already know and will help to generate new knowledge and ideas. As a result, you may alter your actions, behaviour, treatments and learning needs. 1.2 Explain the importance of Relative Practice in continuously improving the quality of service provided Reflective practice is necessary in order to guarentee that high standards of care are continuous as circumstances and environments change. We must constantly be aware of approaches used and how they can be altered or developed to become better. Continually improving and adapting approaches has lots of benefits, ensuring that each service users needs are met. The carer will benefit as their skills develop, enabling them to deliver the highest standards of care to the service user. This can also create a better level of understanding and acceptance of those different from us and will cause the carer think about issues such as opinions, cultures and attitudes of others around us to ensure a diverse, positive and productive daily living experience. Reflective practice evolves our own experiences enabling a higher standard of care. Experience can only be beneficial when it is either a positive experience (good practice) or a negative experience that is reflected upon and consequently changed and improved. This means focusing on how we interact with colleagues, service users and within our environment. We could think about how we could have executed something
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