Reflective Practice Essay

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What is reflective practice? Reflective practice is self re-evaluation of your practice with the customer. Making sure that all issues is reported to management and daily records are kept up to date, on and after every visit. It’s a process that makes you stop and think about your own practice and your actions. Refocusing on your thinking and knowledge to generate new ideas. Look at your behaviour, learning needs and your judgement. Why is reflective practice important? Reflective practice is important for you to focus on how you interact with your colleagues, customers and the each environment that you will be in. It’s an impact on yourself learning and knowledge you have gained. Helps you to recognise on how to what you have done well so it can be put in practice for other situations. Also means in reflecting your own values, beliefs, and experiences which will help your thoughts and ideas to share with your colleagues. Use this to gain better strength weakness so that you learn from your own mistakes and take the appropriate actions in future. Improves your basic judgement and professionally enables you to apply skills to the personal development cycle. How reflective practice contributes to improving the quality of service provision? Contributes to improving the quality of service provision as the care worker constantly revises the policies and procedures and new standards that are being constantly set. Being up to date on the relevant new policies and procedures help the care workers to do their job and maintain of what is expected from them. How standards can be used to help care worker reflect on their practice? Having a standard so they can always reflect with it and achieve the same standardised level that is expected in a care worker. Ensuring that meeting these standards these would be the CQC ESOS and the bluebird ccode of practice that is found
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