Two Very Different Yet Similar Developed Civilizations; Incas and Aztecs

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The Incas and the Aztecs were two of the largest native empires in the Americas. Although the Inca and Aztec empire ended around the same period, the Aztecs ruled much longer than the Incas. The Aztecs empire lasted between 1325 to 1521, around 200 years. While the Incas lasted around 1438 to 1532, making it 100 years less than the Aztecs. These two civilizations had many similarities but there was also things that were very different. For example both civilizations were agriculture based which led to food surplus. Another huge similarity was their belief in many gods. Yet, they had just as many differences. Even though both cultures were from the Americas, the Aztecs were located in Central America and the Incas in South America. Both cultures also had very different writing systems and alphabets. The last major difference was that the Aztecs had a more advanced system of trading which was called the treque, while the Incas were isolated from society. In this essay I will be comparing and contrasting the differences and similarities that both empires had. What the Incas and the Aztecs had in common was that they were both agriculture based. This allowed them to have a surplus of food which kept the society contempt. The disadvantage of staying in one place was the fear of conquest of their territory. Both empires were to busy focusing on what their society need improvement on too think about attackers. This was a major tragedy for both, the Aztecs and Incas, because they botch declined and were quickly conquers by someone else. Both empires were conquered by the Europeans. The Aztec attack was done by Hernan Cortes, and the Incas was Francisco Pizzaro. Both Europeans brought over armies with advances weapons taking over the civilizations. There was nothing that the Aztecs nor the Incas could do, but just give up. There was not many differences between both of

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