Compare and Contrast Roman and Han Empire

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Both Roman and Han empires are similar and also different in one way or more. Their similar in both the and how they are more technologically advance in their region. They both were very different in their political government and also how they treat their slaves. The similarities in their fall had lots of internal problems like riots and corrupt politicians and disease. Also because of the different believes like Christianity, Confucianism and Buddhism. Which lead to riots and the down fall of the empire. Also they had external problems as well led to the down fall of the empire like the Han Empire. They were both technological advance because of engineers and their ability to read and write also the slaves because they were the back bone of it all. For example in the Roman empire civil engineer, construction materials, transportation technology and some invention such as the mechanical reaper. Also for the Han Empire they had the blast furnace and cupola furnace to make pig iron and cast iron. One of the many different is in their political government. There different because in the Han Empire they past the throne to whoever is next in line like farther to son. And if they didn’t have one, they usually adopt one and give him the power. Also in Roman Empire they had at least away they voted the people they want to be king or secretary of some sort mostly by doing right and showing courage like Alexander the Great. Also their both in how they treat there slaves. Like in Han Empire the slaves are not own there more like an apprentice or a maid. Also you could not kill or rape or torture them. In Roman Empire slaves were consider property. The owner could do whatever he what’s to do with you he thinks is fit. Slaves could not get married until they are free. The reason why that there’s a lot of different similarities even though they were so far

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