How Were The Native Americans Affected By European

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One of the major reasons the Native Americans were affected by the European exploration was because the Europeans spread small pox and many other diseases to the Native Americans. Since the Natives have never been exposed to diseases they had no resistance and most of them died out. Also the Europeans threat was very direct to the natives. To the Natives, Europeans were becoming a threat deeper and deeper by seizing their lands, clearing forests, driving away many of there wild game (which tribes depended on food) and letting their livestock run loose to destroy the natives crops. The Native Americans started becoming less and less powerful towards the Europeans, there population was small to begin with and with the epidemics diseases and the land and food shortages, they were almost wiped out of there population. The surviving Natives either converted to Christianity and joined puritan communities, to alcoholism, would sell most of there land to the Europeans and drove others to war. The Native Americans was in much struggle not just against the European empires but also between the new European immigrants. The Europeans had quickly established there dominance, displacing natives until they had created societies that were dominated entirely by the Europeans. As the Natives did not know about 'nations' the Europeans had came from a world where 'Formal institution and military power of a nation or empire governed the relationship between societies'. The Europeans exploration greatly affected the Native Americans in several ways, the major one that wiped out mostly all of there population were the many diseases that they had brought upon them. The Natives freedom basically was taken from them, they where used for their resources and they had to give up their beliefs, their land and basically there way of living because of the

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