Genocide In History

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Genocide is the intentional, pre-mediated act, of destroying an entire population, through acts of malicious violence and physical destruction. Genocide violates everybody’s human rights, and should never be tolerated. Yet, in our history it has occurred numerous times. It is difficult to pin point accurately how many times, because the facts can get blurred depending who you are taking to or what you are reading. Regardless of precisely how many official genocides have taken place, one is one too many. One of Americas first know mass Genocides, was the extinction of the Aztec empire, caused primarily by Cortés’s conquest. His conquest, per the definition of Genocide, does not fall under the category of pre-meditated. Compared to Hitler’s…show more content…
During the late thirteenth century they arrived from the northwest, and quickly began to set up small villages in the Basin of present day Mexico. By 1325, the Aztec empire stretched over the vastness of central Mexico. When the Spanish invaded, their population was estimated to be well over 5 million people. They were an advanced civilization of city-states, held together by their notable military of young, trained Aztec men. As the Spaniards arrived in Mexico, in 1519, they quickly crossed paths with the original inhabitants, and in doing so, passed along a collection of infectious disease to the previously unexposed Aztecs. Typhus, diphtheria, and the bubonic plague were among those brought to the new world but, the foremost disease was smallpox. Smallpox alone led to the death of nearly 8 million Indians in central Mexico alone. Smallpox, not military combat with the Spanish, is to blame for the best part of Aztec deaths. For those that did not die from disease, they were expected to convert to Christianity per the orders of the Spaniards and upheld by Cortes and his…show more content…
This sort of hypocrisy is a recurring theme of Genocide, and more specifically in Hitler’s view of the master, white, blonde hair, and blue-eyed race. Which Hitler himself did not fall into these categories. The same sort of hypocrisy Cortes practiced. Cortes made his way to the emperor and told him the “Spaniards have a disease of the heart that only gold can cure.” Cortes acquired all of the Aztecs gold and silver. He cut off their supply to water for 85 days, as smallpox ravaged the city. There was one final assault, which led to the Aztecs surrender. In a meager two years, the greedy, insistent, glorified Cortes, triumphed over the centuries old Empire of the Aztecs. Even though, Cortes did not come to America with open intensions of a mass murder of the Aztecs, he would stop at nothing to convert the Indian population, and if not converted, killed. His relentlessness led to the extinction of the

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