Tuesdays with Morrie

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Tuesdays with Morrie Reflection
Tuesdays with Morrie was a great movie it had various lessons throughout the film, the movie’s emphasis was more drawn towards philosophy of life as it pertained to how one should live for one’s happiness and not waste time on going after things that don’t give one contentment. As can be seen in the movie when Mitch who aspired to become a musician later changed and gave up his dream and aspiration and became a sports columnist. Mitch discovers that he is unhappy and unsatisfied and felt void, but time and discussions with Morrie brings in him a sense of fulfillment and made him realize what he was missing in his life.
What lessons I learned from the movie is that one should live a happy and contented life and not take life as granted and that do things that makes one happy. Help others and learn how to forgive them as well. As seen in the movie how Morrie gives Mitch the reason to live his dreams, and not to have a life filled with voids. Life is too short to go after materialistic and superficial happiness instead look for things that make one happy wholly. The particular value of leisure that I heard about in the movie was that help others and the importance of showing affections and gratitude to others as it impacts your emotional health in a positive way. Having positive relationships and showing them that you care for them by embracing your loved ones. Love others and be loved by them helps you grow in a positive way. Everyone goes through certain obstacles in life and we have no choice but to encounter them, how you deal with those problems and the choice you make has an impact on you. In a way experiences whether good or bad teach us and make us grow and thus deepen our intellect. In the film Morrie helps Mitch by volunteering to help him realize the obstacles that were blocking him from true contentment. There were a lot of
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