How Do I Love Me

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Book Report “How Do I Love Me” Helen M. Johnson Self-esteem what does it mean to you? Does it mean thinking highly of yourself and having a great attitude about youself and your life, or does it mean being perfect? Self-esteem is a reflection of one’s personal overall self judgment and one’s own self worth. Self esteem consists of your own beliefs about yourself, your emotions and behaviors also effect how you view yourself either positively or negatively. “How Do I Love Me” by Helen M. Johnson is basically a self help book to encourage people to improve their self esteem and how to maintain high self worth. Each chapter goes into different objectives of self esteem such as behavior, attitudes, values, goals, etc. and helps you to understand yourself. The author also gives feedback and workouts so you can practice and hopefully improve or alter your own self-esteem. This book completely opens your eyes and allows you to actually make changes in your life and mind so you can live a happy healthy life, with high self esteem. The first chapter is called “What is Self Esteem?” it describes what self esteem is and how it effects the way one lives and how they function in the world. Having a positive or negative out look on life it creates a cycle. For instance having high self esteem you have more confidence, which will allow you to have positive thoughts about yourself, and then it will result in you having desirable behaviors such as working to achieve a goal. Having a negative cycle it can cause you to give up on yourself and with feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness. This could be very destructive to your life and the attitude you have towards yourself. This chapter was the most inspiring because it expressed how you are in control of your feelings about yourself and the world. Also how you can change your attitudes and behaviors to make a better life
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