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ESSAY Change is a good thing because it allows individuals to grow and growth is a positive aspect of life. This can be seen in Scott Monk’s novel Raw, through the themes of self-image, relationships and guidance. These themes are also explored in the film A walk to remember. In the text raw, the composer presents change as a necessary part of growth and demonstrated that growth is a positive experience for the individual. The theme self-image is shown as Scott monk argues that it is best to be true to yourself. The idea of being true to yourself can be seen in the text: “Quote”. This clearly shows Brett developed his self-image and progressed throughout the novel. Adam shankman also presented self-image in his film A walk to remember as the main character Landon Carter who is similar to Brett Dalton as they are both rebellious teenage boys and change from selfish to selfless. When Landon meets Jamie his whole life changes and he then makes other people happy and puts her first instead of worrying about his friends and popularity. This shows he has become mature. Relationship is a theme in the text Raw, it is shown as the character Brett Dalton has a romantic relationship with Caitlyn and a friendship with Sam, Josh and Frog. The author shows that it is okay to let others into your life. Brett’s dark confused thoughts become clear. That is the role of friendship. The idea of letting others into your life and caring for one another is shown when Brett insists ‘If Frog’s missing I want to help find him’ (pg. 175). This states that he cares about Frog when he goes out looking for him and when he realises Frog is in trouble, he helps him out and sticks up for him which shows he is a true friend. This can also be seen in A walk to remember as Landon Carter has a romantic relationship with a girl his never noticed before to wanting to be with her. This clearly shows

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