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What really killed Doodle? In "The Scarlet Ibis" James Hurst uses point of view, character, and plot to show readers that pride can make people act in ways that. ultimately hurt the ones they love. Pride is shown in many literary elements such as character, point-of-view, and plot. All in all pride really killed his brother. The narrator's and Doodle's character shows how pride effected them throughout the rest of the story. "Whenever we went, I walked purposely fast, and although he kept up, has eyes become glazed " (Hurst 178) This quote shows his character, carelessness and only thinking about himself hurt his brother. Another quote "Doodle was both frightened and tired " (Hurst) . This quote shows that the narrator's characteristic bad he doesn't care about how hard it's on his brother. Insert conclusion here In the story the Scarlett Ibis point of view is used to show the narrator's sense of pride. "All of unshaven something or someone to be proud of and Doodle had become mine." At this point the narrator is reflecting on his motivation for teaching Doodle to walk. 1st person POV allows the reader to sec onto bro's thoughts and tells he was motivated by pride. Another quote "I would teach him to run, to swim, to climb trees and to fight." (Pg 176) In this quote his pride made him want more and more, his ability to walk just didn't seem like enough. These 2 examples show that POV is a main literary element that shows the element of pride. Pride is influenced majorly by the plot. "He was born when I was six, from the outset, a disappointment." This quote shows that his life was already to a bad start and how he already had his hopes up too high because of his pride. This quote shows pride by showing how he was embarrassed about him and wanted something better that he could be proud of. In the story " The Scarlet ibis" the author James Hurst Uses

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