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The Scarlet Ibis In James Hurst short story “The Scarlet Ibis,” he uses the tragic relationship of two brothers to demonstrate the themes of pride and brotherly love. “They did not know that I did for myself; that pride, whose slave I was; spoke to me louder than all their voices, and that Doodle walked only because I was ashamed of having a crippled brother.” Brother only helped Doodle so he won’t be embarrassed. But he also did it to help Doodle out. Then before doodle dies, Brother fells like he didn’t do enough for Doodle or loved him enough (pg.347). “He looked straight at me and grinned”. Brother and Doodle have a natural love for one another. Sadly, the expectations and norms of society intrude. If Brother hadn't worried about how other people might see Doodle, he might not have been ashamed of him at all. "You can do it. Do you want to be different from everybody else when you start school?"This quote shows that brother really wants to encourage Doodle. He has complete faith in doodle abilities. If brother hadn’t loved him so much; he would have been so concerned that Doodle would suffer, at school if he fit in (pg.350) “When Doodle was five years old, I was embarrassed at having a brother of that age who couldn't walk.” He thinks he can't be proud of himself if Doodle is disabled. He has the idea that physical disabilities are something to be ashamed of, and that a disabled person reflects shame on family members. (pg.346) “did not know then that pride is a wonderful, terrible thing, a seed that bears two vines, life and death.” Throughout the story Brother stresses the duality, or the double sidedness of pride. Brother's pride pushes him to give Doodle a life away from his rubber sheet on the bed. When Brother's obsession with turning Doodle into the "ideal" Brother goes too far,

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