A Separate Peace Betrayal Analysis

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Shelby Gagneau Mrs. Brammer AP English 10-8-14 Choice #4 In the novel “A Separate Peace”, there were many examples of betrayal between characters. One of the most influential acts of betrayal throughout the novel was when Gene jounced the limb, causing Finny to fall, eventually ruining his career in sports forever. In Finny and Gene’s friendship there is so much betrayal between the two of them. It shows exactly how Gene and Finny really are as individuals, too. The setting, being during World War II, also plays a roll in how the characters think and react. In the end, the war really impacted the boys at Devon and taught a very valuable lesson that you’ll always be fighting a war. We all have to deal with betrayal in life and there’s nothing we can do about it. Most of the betrayal happening is…show more content…
One of those situations being the betrayal of Finny to Gene when he causes him to flunk his first test. Another being how betrayed Gene felt when Leper accused him of deliberately hurting Finny and causing him to fall out of the tree, shattering his leg. The most influential betrayal of the whole novel was when Gene jounced the limb and broke Finny’s leg. Although finny forgave him, he still couldn’t help but feel a little bit betrayed by him. He had always thought they were best friends and that they were always there for each other, when Finny never realized Gene only saw the competition between them, and that really shows how completely different types of people they are. The novel A Separate Peace has many great examples of betrayal and all of them help you have a better understanding of the characters specifically, the plot and the theme of the whole story. John Knowles did a great job of using the text to help the readers understand the characters and the rest of the plot in a better
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