The Simple Gift Herrick Analysis

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The Simple Gift- Steven Herrick Steven Herrick has portrayed rich descriptions of belonging in his verse novel ‘The simple gift’. The verse novel allows the story to be told through first person by three main characters perspectives Billy, Old Bill and Caitlin. This makes an effect on the responders to get direct connection with the characters thoughts and build appreciation to each of the characters personalities, concepts and decisions. The economy of words used by Herrick makes the text basic and understandable in very few words, also the structure of the novel impacts the readers’ interpretation of belonging by supplying a summary and an insight of what the chapter will include using pictures and extracts on each chapter title. The…show more content…
The experience of their own mistakes in life has helped them achieve independence and self-reliance; it has also taught them to be open-minded because you don’t really know someone until you have heard their story. The symbolism to “a simple gift” is demonstrated by Old Bill when he gives the key for his old house to Billy and Caitlin, “Old Bill is giving me more than these keys I hold” displaying the change in Old Bill and the special bond he feels between them. They discover a new person within themselves: Billy has had a fresh start full of love, happiness, acceptance and freedom. Caitlin has built strength and courage to feel accomplishment and attachment. While Old Bill finally feels company of family and friends again, he has become healthier, happier, thoughtful and inspired. They have all developed with the help of one another from feeling disconnected to finally accomplishing what they all have been seeking for, belonging. ‘The Simple Gift’ shows how the variety of gender, social status and age effect the appreciation of belonging as it expresses people can belong no matter what class, age or gender they belong to, belonging can overcome the differences regardless the
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