Name Implications in Hunger Games and Catching Fire

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With the different characters in the story, the meaning of their names gave color and attractions to the story itself and to the readers. Each character involvement gave impact to the flow from the beginning to end. The research aims to identify the meaning of the names of selected main characters in the two books. By knowing the meaning of the characters names, the readers would be able to decipher how it affects their corresponding characteristics. How the characters move to make the whole story in the two given books were also stated and sufficient examples and proofs were given. In the process of knowing those things, the reader would be able to appreciate the characters ideas and qualities in making the story interesting for the read. The research was divided into two parts in which the characters in the first book and the characters in the second book were separated. The characters in the first book covered were Cinna, Effie Tinket, Gale, Primrose, Madge, Darius , Flavius and Rue. The characters in the second book covered were Finnick Odair, Cato, Brutus and Plutarch. Peeta, one of the main characters, was not covered in the research for the simple reason that his name does not correspond to a certain meaning that would account for his actions although fans in the internet made certain assumptions with no reliable foundation. The researcher identified the main characters from the books, the Hunger Games and Catching Fire. The meaning of the names were researched from the internet while their characteristics came from the books based on flow of events. The names’ meaning and the corresponding character’s characteristics were analyzed and compared. It was found out that each character had one aim, to win as a victor. Moreover,majority of the characters were brave and skilled in handling weapons.The researcher highly recommends that the readers of the book should

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