Similarities Between 1984 And The Giver

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Writing stories based on a dystopian society is tricky. Why is it tricky? Well a dystopian society can be any society really. Unlike a Utopia where every little aspect is perfect, a Dystopia is where there's some type of control over the whole society. In a dystopian society a person could think life is absolutely perfect, but that's the objective of the person/thing that's controlling that society. That's where dystopia's get tricky. In this case, the societies are extremely controlled in every aspect and its not hard to tell right away that they are dystopias. One of the best and widely read novels based on dystopias are George Orwell's 1984 and Lois Lowry's The Giver. Lowry and Orwell went above and beyond to create one of the most famous…show more content…
Well in dystopian stories the main character is the protagonist, the person identifying the problem and trying to do something about it. In 1984 the protagonist is Winston Smith, an older gentleman, very smart, has an ulcer in his ankle, and he notices the little lies and repeat lies that Big Brother tells to the people. The way that Orwell portrays Winston is to be weak and even though Winston rebels against and hates the party, he just seems to be a man that will always have a problem with the party, but never go head to head, a coward. Though on the other hand in The Giver, Jonas the protagonist, is a young, smart kid, and different from the rest. From the very beginning a reader knew he was different when he described the changes of objects, meaning he saw color, but clearly he didn't know what he saw. Lowry portrays Jonas to be this potential saver of all people and save the day. Lowry really expressed the heroic role Jonas will one day play when she has him be picked to become the next Receiver. As the story goes on in The Giver it shows Jonas slowly evolving and starting to take actions, but in 1984 Winston is still the same man with the same opinions about the party. Not only having control methods to shape a story, you need a protagonist to guide you through it and really make you predict what might happen. In these two stories the protagonists really bring the story together and gives the reader a way to relate to the story, even though the protagonist in each story are complete

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