Romulus My Father

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Belonging is a fundamental aspect of the human condition. Sharing of similar values and morality between an individual and the community in which they reside, enriches their sense of belonging as a result of expectations being met. Complete conformity ensures an individual’s membership to a group or unity, therefore enhancing their sense of belonging. Individuals who do not conform to the norms and conventions of the society in which they reside are denied membership, and as a result, live a life of isolation and fail to belong. These comparative experiences of belonging prevail through Raimond Gaita’s memoir Romulus My Father, and Ed Sheeran’s song lyrics The A Team. An individual who fulfills the expectations of the society in which they reside are granted membership to this unity as a result, which therefore enriches their sense of belonging. Gaita explores this notion of acceptance through Romulus and his experiences in gaining the respect of his new community. Being an immigrant, Romulus gains recognition by proving his “worth” through hard work. Gaita uses personification in “his materials…seemed to be in friendship with him” to reinforce the bond that exists between Romulus and his work, therefore highlighting the significance of such connection on the evolvement of his “character”. To Romulus, work has a spiritual dimension and the local community immensely appreciates the standard of the work he produces. The need to belong is paramount, and an example of this is Romulus being willing to work in a reception centre and take on menial tasks in order to be a part of the community. Romulus succeeds in conforming to the views and expectations of the society he resides in, which therefore grants him the acceptance and membership of this unit. Through his apparent work ethics and desire to attain respect, Romulus is a pure example of this notion. An
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