Personal Philosophies in Nursing

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S. Issarie

BScN Basic General Nursing
Nursing 150 – Personal Philosophy in Nursing

Philosophy is a set of ideas and beliefs relating to a particular field or activity. Nursing would be the field and practical nursing the activity. When you look at philosophy in nursing it really defines the role and part of the responsibility of the nursing profession in society. These four entities Man, Environment, Health and Nursing each rely on each other but also influence one another positively or negatively.
Man is a unique being in itself, one of a kind. The intellectual capacity gained from psychological development influenced by interaction with the social environment such as; church, schools, workplace, playground etc. Mans intellectual capacity has allowed him to become fully responsible and accountable to himself in meeting his/her own needs. Because of mans constant interaction with family and the community he responds to any changes in the internal and external environment.
The Environment refers to internal environment and external environment. The internal environment being man’s internal body system and external environment is any setting man exists and nursing care provided. The society is made up of several ethnic groups who have different religious beliefs, customs, values and upbringing etc. These institutions have conditioned the behaviour and influenced the people in society and importantly nursing care. They have also established certain common standards in place for the well being of its members.
Health refers to man’s overall physical, mental and social well-being. The environment, lifestyle choices, knowledge, race, will, psychosocial factors all contribute to overall good health and bad.
Health is also the prevention of illness, promotion and rehabilitation to an independent state.
People have within them the capacity to control their
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