Nursing Leadership Essay

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Leadership Questions NUR 492 Leadership Questions In discussion of my own personal views of leadership and effective characteristics of leadership, reflections of a nursing leader will be discussed ensue of developmental competency and transition from an associate nurse to an administrative nurse bachelor. Leadership in the nursing and medical field has different types of leaders as well as different styles and characteristics that require assessment for application to the health care system or health care organization’s structures, policies, and mission. Different leadership skills and characteristics are based on the health care setting and facility requirements and functional goals. Health care systems or organizations functional goals are usually for profit but also may have a mission of service excellence to humanity regardless of race, religion, creed, or gender. My personal view of a health care leader is a person that possesses good communication skills as well as good listening skills, the ability to be neutral and make detrimental decisions, and be able to adapt to many different cultures and internal environments. I prefer working with a leader that is ideal and open to change, does not lead on a dictatorship basis and know their place and responsibility as a stakeholder in the organization; someone I can respect and respects me as a healthcare professional. A leader has to be able to deal with various attitudes and behaviors from all kinds of people yet maintain tenacity and professionalism. Professionalism and ethics are two adaptive characteristics that do not always go hand in hand because one can conflict the other in some cases. The difference between a manager and a leader is: the manager is employed to coordinate, plan, and implement tasks, duties and resources to accomplish goals of the organization. And the manager

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