Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing
My philosophy of nursing affects directly from Florence Nightingale’s anecdote and her contribution to nursing in her life. In order to clarify what is the philosophy of nursing, I read many famous works of prominent philosophers. Thanks to her nursing thought, I obtained my own beliefs and values. Nurses should care not only about how to finish orders from doctors or how to satisfy advisors, but they should put the patients on the first place. In addition, nurses should consider how to make a big difference for patients when patients are receiving treatment. That is a factor, which I think, we should consider the most.
As a person who has an experience of being an international student; I would attempt to relate and compare myself to the patient. A foreigner that moves into a new location typically needs some help to adapt to new conditions and life style. We need to receive someone’s help when we in the environment, which is fear and unfamiliar. The principle of my personal philosophy is “mutuality”. As William Wallace described that, the stability is individual’s atom results from the attractive relationship between the proton and its electron (Green, 2009). When nurse takes care of a patient, she should become a standby to help the patient to stabilize his illness and case. In addition, we should also offer the good environment and atmosphere for a patient, such as ventilation and warming, light, personal cleanliness, and nutrition (George, 2002).Therefore nursing caring cannot become successful without trust, which is based on good environmental factors.
My personal philosophy of nursing includes four things: client, health, environment, and nursing.
The personal definition of client is followed by Palau’s nursing model. Palau’s said client is an individual, a developing organism who tries to reduce anxiety caused by needs

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