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Philosophy of Nursing Kristy A. Gregorich 00536455

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements in the course Nursing 431: Transition to Professional Nursing Practice in the School of Nursing Old Dominion University NORFOLK, VIRGINIA

PERSONAL NURSING PHILOSOPHY Introduction The scope of this paper is to define my personal nursing philosophy based on clinical practice experiences over the past several semesters and compare them to my initial personal nursing philosophy that I defined in my sophomore year. The beliefs, values, and theories that guide my professional practice will be explored, as well as personal and professional goals. After re-reading my first personal philosophy paper, I was happy to find that the foundation for my nursing care has not waivered much. I still very much believe that providing exceptional patient-centered care is the cornerstone to great nursing practice. In order to be successful the nurse is able to understand and communicate the needs of the patient, be knowledgeable of available resources, and have the tenacity to stand up for their patients. Definition of Nursing In my initial paper I mention M. Jean Watson, Florence Nightingale, and Dorthea Orem as theorists that captured my philosophy of nursing. While I still think there is a great deal to be


learned from these theorists, I have found through my clinical experiences that the theorist I lean more towards depends on where in the hospital or community I am working and the patient or client I am working with. As the semesters have gone on I have found a love for fast paced, high stress environments, such as the Emergency Department. Virginia Henderson’s Definition of Nursing targets this population, focusing on patient safety and nursing knowledge. She defines

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