Communication In Nursing

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eSchool of Nursing and Midwifery Studies
Cardiff University

Common Foundation Programme

Developing Personal and Professional Practice in a Nursing Context -

Guidelines for Summative Reflective Assignment –
Application of Communication Theory to Nursing

This summative assessment will comprise of a 2,000 word assignment and you will be asked to reflect on personal and/or observed experience of practice, illustrating how communication skills were utilised in the process of caring for patients.

You must demonstrate evidence of a structured and logical approach to your work and you must refer to current research and evidence to support the importance of communication in practice.

Further guidance
• Remember to write word count on the front sheet and the declaration form.
• Please refer to marking criteria in your CFP Information book when planning your essay
• Go for supervision to your personal tutor

NR/JA – August 2007
Electronic Hand-in date: Monday 16 June 2008 (by 12.30.p.m.)

Application of Communication Theory to Nursing

This assignment, on the application of communication theory to nursing, is based on a reflective account of a patient who I helped care for on a number of occasions during my community nursing placement. The objective of the assignment is to consider the importance of communication in nursing theory and practice through reflective methods and theoretical research.
Communication is an important aspect of nursing across all sectors and levels. it is the ‘shared process in which messages are sent and received between two or more people which are made up of a sender, receiver, and message in a particular context’ (blazer, riley 2004, Ellis 2003) . It involves many interpersonal skills such as effective observation, questioning and listening, giving feedback, recognising and
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