Trip To Sequoia National Park

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Trip to Sequoia National Park This past summer I went on a day trip to Sequoia National Park with my family. It was a Saturday morning, and my dad, my stepmom, and I decided to go on a one day trip to the Sequoia National Park. We never been there before and wanted to see what it was like, so we got some supplies and embarked on a journey towards the mountains. Going through the winding roads of the foothills were a first of experiences I would experience this day. As we arrived at the entrance, I got relieved that we were out of those wavy roads, but then cringed to find out there were many more winding roads before we actually got to the park. Once we got to the Sequoias, I was immediately in awe of the different sights to see. There were giant sequoia trees everywhere I turned; just the sight of these trees would make you appreciate nature. The smell of fresh, un-polluted air was just an unbelievable smell. We went to see a famous tree named the General Sherman tree, the largest tree on earth. Standing next to this tree made me feel like I was only a foot tall. This tree was enormous and very old. Then there was the crescent meadow, one of the best places to see in the National Park. This meadow was one of the greatest things I ever seen and the peacefulness of its surroundings made it even better. In the meadow there was no noise but the sound of running water and the beautiful sound of nature. Then we went to see this rock named Moro Rock. I got to climb it all the way to the top, and once I got there, the view of the surrounding mountains was beautiful. Then we went to a lodge area where there was a small shopping complex. It had a grocery store, a restaurant, a post office, and a tourist center. This was a strange sight to see after seeing nothing but nature for a while. In the parking lot of the shopping area was where we decided to have launch. We had

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