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Doing this project has opened my eyes up to a county in Pennsylvania called Armstrong County. I had never even heard of the name, let alone know what kinds of things are there. I noticed that the county has a lot of nature sittings. That is the main reason why I choose this county. It looked very alive with all the colorful leaves. I learned that Armstrong County is full of activities to do. Since there are a lot of trails and lakes, it is a great place to go if you are an outdoor kind of person. If I had the opportunity to go to this county, I would not pass up the chance. I would love to walk on the trails of the parks and go fishing and boating in the lakes. The only thing that I don’t like about this county is that there isn’t a big shopping…show more content…
It is not easy at all. There is a lot of planning that has to go on before action is taken. If there is a limited budget, for some people it can get really hard to plan activities and dining that stay within the range. I figured out that it is a good idea to look into activities before deciding to do them. For example, I was planning on doing this one activity but right before I put it in my agenda; I noticed that it was only convenient in the snow. I am going to the county in the summer so that activity would have been trash. One day if I have the money and the car, I would like to plan a trip somewhere. This project has allowed me to get the experience. If I could have done something better in this project, I would have finished it way before the due date. I wasn’t fully procrastinating but little things such as printing out pictures to glue down; I saved for the last minute. Also, I would have liked to pick a bed and breakfast, but the one in my county was actually more expensive than the hotel I got. Lucky for me my hotel came with free breakfast but I still would have wanted to get the experience of a bed and breakfast. Other than that, I think my trip is going to be

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