Tropical Rainforests Essay

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Tropical rainforests are some of the most diverse places on earth. Tropical rainforests house more than fifty percent of the earth’s animal species (Michael). This biome is also the home to a wide variety of plant species, and many insects flourish in this type of environment. The tropical rainforest is the epitome of a utopia for equatorial species. The great diversity of the tropical rainforest provides great services to the earth’s human population. One would hope that the tropical rainforest would be in no immediate danger since it is one of the most diverse biomes on earth. However, there are many factors that contribute to the depletion and deforestation of the earth’s biome known as the tropical rainforest. The depletion of tropical rainforests harms a variety of species and impairs the services it provides to the earth. Tropical rainforests make up six percent of the earth’s surface (Michael). They are located in Central and South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia (Berg 136). This biome has year round warmth, and the average rainfall is between eighty and one hundred and eighty inches per year (Michael). The temperatures in a tropical rainforest are rarely above ninety-three and very seldom lower than sixty-eight (Michael). Tropical rainforest are extremely humid. The humidity is usually around eighty-eight percent (Berg 136). The tropical rainforest is made up of three different layers, and some scientists consider the ground level the fourth layer (Berg 136). Out of the four layers, seventy percent of the plants are trees (Michael). There is the emergent, the top layer, which houses the tallest trees. Some of these trees can get as tall as two hundred and forty feet (Michael). These trees have umbrella shaped tops that can be as wide as thirty feet. There are very few branches until the tops of the trees. The next level is known as the

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