Living In Baltimore County

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Living in Baltimore County In growing up in the city, I vowed that my children and I would live a better life. I moved out my mother’s house when I turned 21 to live in Baltimore County, Maryland. When I visited friends and family when I was younger living in Baltimore County, I knew this is where I wanted to raise my kids. By living in Baltimore County, the scenery was beautiful, the air was fresher and the people were nicer. The scenery in Baltimore County was just breath taking. To drive around the county and see big lovely homes, I knew that one day one of those homes would be ours. With beautiful farmland, horses, and acres of nicely grown crops, you just knew that someone famous lived there. Around Christmas time, the Christmas lights would shine much brighter in the county. People out in the county took better care of their homes and land. This made the county very inviting to stop and watch the lights. By living in the county away from big factories, the air seemed to be free from smog and fumes. It also seemed to me that the flowers and trees grew better in the county. The fruits and vegetables were so big and delicious looking you could eat them right off the vine. The fruits and vegetables had insecticide spray on them so they could not be eaten until they are washed. At one point in my life, I did not like rain but I learned that the farmers need this rain to help make their fruits and vegetables grow. Now I feel better about God allowing it to rain. The people living in Baltimore County were so nice that you wished that they were your relatives. The neighbors had no problem helping you when you needed a helping hand by cutting your grass or washing your vehicle. Sometimes, they also took you to the store because they needed your company. I’m not that type of person that asks for a helping hand or hand out; sometimes I have to

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