Redwood Forest In Richard Preston's The Wild Trees

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Richard Preston writes The Wild Trees telling the journey of Steve Sillet and a group of other amateur young adults going through these Redwood forests. He starts the story off in the late eighties in the fall season. A group of college students at Reed College in Portland starts the story. On their journey they are finding what out what is unknown to many, simply because it has just been over-looked. The adventure these guys take are some what very dangerous and by just one jump could possibly have things turn out wrong. What is also revealed through their findings are friendships strenghthened and relationships being built. These Redwoods also considered the California Redwood, are commonly found in valleys and on mountains along the coast of California about ten miles from the sea. They flourish in mild temperate rain forests in parts of the north coast. They do not like salt air but prosper in the fog. Redwoods are very tall trees that can grow to be close to three hundred and fifty or three hundred and eighty feet tall. Throughout the book you see how each characters experience starts off similar. They all grow fond of these trees at a very young age. Their exposability to these at such young ages allows their opinions and concernes to truly grow with the experience they will gain. Starting off with…show more content…
They now use "spur-climbing" it's boots with the climbing spikes, climbing spurs are attached to it and a very thick heavy rope and you adjust the rope around the tree as you mount the tree walking up it using the spikes. Steve Sillet then meets Michael Taylor and Marie Antoine. He gets marreid then to Marie Antoine and they both climb shares and have a remotely close past with the climbing of trees. Michael and Steve get together also in these forests. Michael helps more on the ground because of his fear of heights but their teamwork is very

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