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LIVING IN A SMALL TOWN In my early twenties I visited a small town in Catskills, Upstate New York that was definitely the most beautiful and peaceful place I have come across in a while. I remember it like it was yesterday I left New York City early that morning on our journey to Catskills where I saw a major transformation on our way. One thing I observed was the beautiful scenery of nature and I learned that the cost of living is cheaper in a small town. I asked myself if I would consider leaving New York City for a much more calm and collective life? Living in a small town I learned to appreciate nature and the beauty of my surroundings. I sat on the porch every day inhaling the freshness of the air, while listening to the sweet sounds of birds chirping and the breeze whistling making music to my ears. I overlooked the different types of trees, plants and flowers with their vibrant color surrounding the yard and alongside the roads looking like a painting on a canvas. The most captivated sight to my eyes is when I witnessed the sunrise and sunset on the lake opposite from the house the colors varied from yellow, red and orange. The cost of living is cheaper in small towns. Homeowners payless on property taxes on their homes. Furthermore the housing in small towns has large living spaces where they garden their own crops and have animals that contribute to the food for their homes. In small towns you can even go into business and sale what you crop on your land. Small towns have their own entertainment such as talent shows, picnics and fairs. Family spend a lot of time participating in outdoor activities like camping, fishing and hiking which is very cost efficient. So, yes I would consider living in small town, because I would have a lot time to enjoy my family and enjoy the quietness, peacefulness and cleanliness of nature. I believe I will be healthier

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