Factors That Shape Nationalism

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Factors That Shape Ntionalism Factors That Shape Ntionalism The factors that shape nationalism is what brought people together and changing the worlds view of each other. There Are 3 ways to identify the factors that shape nationalism which is when you got the pride to your country and pride to other people. The history that you remember makes you feel that you’re connected to the history. The symbol that shape the country makes other people change and changes the view of the people that think that makes it great. My first one is that if you feel pride in other Canadians’ achievements (ex. A Canadian winning gold at the Olympics) and in turn feel a greater sense of Nationalism, then you have internalized your feelings of nationalism. When the discovery of a treatment for diabetes that helped many people with diabetes and which was discovered by Fredrick Banting and Charles Best. There is the biggest tree called the Carmanah Giant home of some of the oldest and tallest trees in the country. Famous for its mammoth trees and the tallest known tree in Canada. The second reason is that there are shared memories help people feel connected. History & stories help people develop a collective consciousness and help them share a sense of belonging.Ex. The Storming of the Bastille & the French Revolution. Another one is that when the Japanese bombed the Pearl Harbour without them knowing it was coming, this is what makes people feel connected. When WW1 Started and each country helped each other out to not be dominated by the Germans. The third reason is Symbols & individuals (heroes) can be used to help people feel connected to one another, to shared ideas, & the nation.Ex. Red, white & blue badges or flags during the French Revolution. When every country got their own freedom and says that makes people think of what our countries did to get
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