Transformational Leadership Essay

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Transformational Leadership: Key Characteristics Friedman (2000) appears to agree with most of the same leadership characteristics identified by Lewis (1996) as demonstrated by the following key characteristics: Vision Transformational leaders must look beyond the present to develop a vision for the future. The leader must subscribe fully to the vision and be able to sell it to followers. Dr. Martin Luther King shared his vision on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1963 when he delivered his “I have a dream’ speech. He looked into the future and saw blacks and whites enjoying healthy relationships. Charisma and Inspiration. Transformational leaders must have the ability to influence others with their inspirational qualities. Intellectual Stimulation and Creativity Since transformational leaders are agents of change, they must have the knowledge base to help motivate people to come up with innovative solutions and new ideas. They take risks after careful analysis. Individual Consideration/Interactivity Transformational leaders attempt to know each person’s talents, and assign them responsibilities accordingly. They respect everybody. Honesty and Integrity. Honesty and integrity are essential elements for sustained effectiveness. People who don’t trust their leader do not follow them effectively. Confidence and Optimism. A transformational leader must not shoot the messenger. He must project confidence and optimism because people follow better if they are convinced that their leader believes in the vision set forth before them. Dr. Ruth J. Simmons – Transformational Leader Ruth J. Simmons is a transformational leader. She officially assumed the presidency of Brown University on July 1, 2001. She becomes the first

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