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Leadership Point of View Grand Canyon University MGT 605 Leadership Role Models My mother, my grandmother, and my coach have been the main three leadership role models in my life. My mother showed me how to be strong. She taught me at an early age how to fight for the “finer” things in life. She would always tell me “Chelle, in order to get something out of life, you must go through things to get it”. My mother instilled a life long lesson in me. Today, I make sure, whatever I want, and I strive work hard to make sure I achieve it. My grandmother had a humbling spirit. She taught me how to think more positive. I consider my grandmother as a servant leader. In chapter 14, Blanchard described servant leaders as people who take on the role of helping people achieve their goals (Blanchard, 2010). My grandmother believed in helping those who were trying to help themselves. I may not have seen my deepest potential, but my basketball coach brought it out of me. He believed in digging deep to find the passion and desire you did not realize you had. He criticized when he needed to and gave praise when there was room. He taught me to never settle for mediocre. Today, I take his leadership and apply it to my everyday life by striving above and beyond what people expect. Life Purpose There use to be a time when I was not sure of my life purpose. As years have passed, I have realized my purpose is being a role model. No matter where I go or what I do, people always look to me for advice and leadership. I have accepted God has placed me on this earth to help those who are traveling the same path I have traveled or similar. My job is to motivate and teach others not to make the mistakes I have made. Core Values The values I believe are that most important to me is Honesty, success, and commitment. I value honesty because I must be able t be able to be truthful

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