Leadership Development Essay

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INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET Course Code: Leadership Assignment Due Date: September 26th, 2013 Student Name: Bima Prawira Buana Student Number: 2011220011 Lecturer: Pulung Peranginan Lecture Day and Time: Thursday 9.00 – 12.00 am Certification: I certify the document attached is my original work. Any text included that is not my own has been cited and credited accordingly in the references. I also declare that I am the student whose name is stated above and that this text has not been previously submitted for assessment. I certify that I have also retained a copy of this assignment. Signature: ……………………………………………………. Important Notes: * Your assignment will not be marked without a valid signature. * A breach of the certification above will result in an academic penalty. Leader Development Leader development is defined as the expansion of a person’s capacity to be effective in leadership roles and processes. These roles and processes are ones that aid in setting direction, creating alignment and maintaining commitment in groups of people sharing common work. Most organizational leadership research and educational programs have focused on developing individual-based knowledge, skills, and abilities associated with formal leadership roles. Leader development therefore results by investing in human capital. Developmental Theory While there is no specific theory from which leader development derives, developmental theory taps into two aspects of development: learning and change. Development is a form of change and it is impossible for a leader to develop without change occurring. Learning is defined as the attainment of a permanent change in a person because of practice or experience, which then drives change and development. Learning stems from two traditions: a permanent change in behavior following experience based
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