Servant Leadership Essay

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To be a servant and a leader simultaneously describes the work of leaders as a service to servants and thus practicing servicing leadership as opposed to pervasive leadership. This implies the uncompromising orientation of leadership towards the interests of the servants which makes the leaders servants themselves. What are some of the dimensions of servant leadership? The dimensions of servant leadership can be divided in the two terms servant and leader. The dimension of the servant would include characteristics such as “listening“,“empathy“, and „healing“. Listening - the servant leader has to actively and completely listen to the opinions of everybody before making decisions. Empathy - he has to be empathetic in order to understand the perspective of every single servant. Healing - he has to enable the servants in every way possible to make their individual contribution. Secondly the dimensions of the leader would include characteristics such as “Awareness“, “Persuasion“, “Conceptualization“ and “Foresight“. Awareness - the servant leader has to be self reflective about his own weaknesses and address them permanently. Persuasion - he has to be able to form a consensus that represents the majority opinion. Conceptualization - the servant leader needs the ability to determine goals that comply with the vision of the organization. Foresight - he is required to be able to predict the consequences of the decisions made. Lastly there are characteristics that are connected to both dimensions simultaneously - servant and leader - such as “stewardship“, “commitment to the growth of people“ and “building community“. Stewardship is a necessary characteristic for both sides of servant leaders as it shows the interdependence of being entrusted with the resources of others while people give their resources up to be guided by the servant leader.

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