Leadership And Motivation

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Motivation and Leadership Ruslan Oskenali, MBA Woodbury University Organizational Behavior and Strategy, PC 506 Professor Joan F. Marques. Abstract The topic of leadership is the most popular and interesting theme in current days. In this paperwork I provide the definition of leadership and describe the role of leaders in organizations. Also, I indicate the relation between leadership and motivation. Examples of great leaders can be found throughout different time periods and situations. This paper is a guide for people who are interested in leadership. Introduction The dictionary definition of a leader is that of one who leads or goes first. In other words a leader should be able to be ahead from others in all questions concerning his or her job. This person uses abilities to influence a group toward obtaining a particular result. These abilities are motivating and enabling others to contribute toward the effectiveness and success of the group of which they are members. The field of leadership has evolved and gained mega popularity over the years. While different theoretical perspectives have come and gone, common principles have emerged which remain essential for effective leadership. Some of them are: the importance of honesty and integrity in leadership; the need of effective communication inside the organization; the necessity to understand the team's business or mission; and, the requirement to adapt to changing situational factors. Another topic that has received considerable attention inleadership and management discussions is motivation. The main reason of such popularity is a close connection between leadership and motivation. Motivation is a key component of leadership. It is unlikely that managers or supervisors can be successful without being able to motivate followers. The leader has to know and seek for the ways to

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