Transformational Leadership Essay

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Abstract A leader is someone who has the ability to influence followers that have the same determination and outcomes for change as they do. People build their leadership qualities through life experiences. Great leaders are able to effectively influence their subordinates. This influencing is usually done by using their authority. Most people tend to believe and trust in people in authority because they have reputation and rapport. Transformational Leadership starts with the development of a vision, a view of the future that will excite and convert potential followers. This vision may be developed by the leader, by the senior team or may emerge from a broad series of discussions. Transformational Leadership According to Bass (1990) Transformational leaders seek to transform the organization; there is also a tacit promise to followers that they will be transformed in some way, to be more like a leader. Transformational Leaders, by definition, seek to transform. Transformational leaders are often charismatic, but are not as narcissistic as pure charismatic leaders, who succeed through a belief in themselves rather than a belief in others. Transformational leader’s passion and confidence can easily be mistaken for truth and reality. It is true that great things have been achieved through enthusiastic leadership; it is also true that many passionate people have led failed efforts. Just because someone believes they are right, it does not mean they are right. The nursing profession trains new nurses on operating the latest technology, complex medical equipment and complex treatment plans. Nursing as a profession does a disservice to new nurses by not developing their leadership capabilities. Transformational leadership merges ideals of leaders and followers (Sullivan, 2005). Its focus is to unite both manager and employee to pursue a greater good

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