Leadership & Self Reflection

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Introduction: Leadership is an art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal. Effective leaders are rare. Most good leaders have had their fair share of hard knocks that awakened them to the greater prospective within their scope of influence. Great leaders are excellent communicators. They are able to speak many languages of the individuals within the groups they lead. A good leader pays attention to the facts and then makes decisions based on objective analysis of those facts, that not to say humanitarian factors succumb to the bottom line. Effective leaders naturally motivate people from their actions, which include showing respect, listening, reflecting, and negotiating through conflict. Efficient leaders learn the strengths and weaknesses of their subordinates and cohorts and utilize group dynamics. Leaders encourage and empower people to achieve success rather than place blame. According to the Keirsey style sorter by Mr. David and Marilyn, I found I have ENFP personality style. To understand what ENFP means and how I land under this category and why they are indicators that lead to strengths and growth areas. In next couple of paragraphs, I will discuss what they mean and recognize strength and growth areas for person of ENFP styles. Later, I will talk about my leader style and finally will combine the dimensions and form personal strength and growth areas about myself. Keirsey/Bates explains that there are four pairs of performances. They are E- Extraversion and I- Introversion, S- Sensation and N- Intuition, F- Feeling and T- Thinking and lastly P- Perceiving and J- Judging. )Keirsey/Bates, 1994). An extravert needs sociability and introverts are territorial according to Keirsey/Bates. So, extraverts get energetic when they are around the people. On the other end, introverts don’t care to be around the

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